Prove them all wrong

May 27, 2010
By Priskilla PLATINUM, Ruskin, Florida
Priskilla PLATINUM, Ruskin, Florida
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The things people do to get your attention
Lies and corruption all around but when you confront them they don’t make a sound
You walk away and in that same second you turn your back they twist what you say just like that
You have to be carful what you say because it can be turned in to something you would never mean in any way
Keep things you don’t want people to know to your self because you really can trust anyone else
Even though they look innocent they might not really be
They have there own little ways of manipulating things
So don’t let down your walls
And watch your back people these days people are vicious just realize that
The judgmental faces that are constantly watching your every move the words said behind your back every thing just makes you confused
Do they really have nothing better to do?
I know they just want me to fail in life, I know there just waiting and wishing in strife
But this is my life and I will not give them the satisfaction
I will show everyone I can be more
I want them to see and have there jaws drop to the floor

The author's comments:
so many people underestimate me or judge me by e=what there hear and see this us for them

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