Green Poem

May 27, 2010
By brookew BRONZE, Hartford, Wisconsin
brookew BRONZE, Hartford, Wisconsin
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The way our sun shines and lights our everyday.
When the wind blows crisp air across our face.
When the leaves blow around without a trace.
Grass begins to green every spring.
Flowers bloom releasing their scent.
Tree branches swaying in the wind, left and right , left and right.
Walking down a gravel road watching nature take its course.
Grass beneath my feet running in between my toes.
Water flowing down the creek flowing out to where nobody knows.
Streams to rivers to lakes.
Fish swimming freely in the lake.
Deer jump through flawless meadows.
Kids playing in the green grass.
Walking through the park.
The way the earth turns.
Snow falls in winter.
Leaves changing in the fall
When rain drips on the water
Dew forming on the grass
Life here is beautiful

The author's comments:
Respect About Our Earth

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