The Colors Of Our Friendship

June 19, 2010
The colors of the rainbow,
mean so many diffrent thing.
Try to figure out,
what these colors mean.
Pay attention closely,
fore it's not that easy to do.
And then you will surley see,
what they mean to you.

Red is the color my face turns
when he makes me laugh so hard.
We talk and we laugh,
while the red burns in our hearts.

Orange is the color of his favorite shirt
he spilled ketchup on in the car.
He wasn't very carfull
and it squirted right in the middle.

Yellow is the color of the lemonade we made
with 3 ice cubes floating in it.
90 degrees outside
and not a chance of rain.

Green is the color my face turned
when i ate the food when we went bowling.
Covered in oil and salt
I'm glad it ended up-out.

Blue is the color of his beautiful eyes
we look at each other closely
and i think,
they have twice the beauty of the sky.

Indigo is the color of the kitchen now,
we tried to make a velvet cake.
Which ended with


Violet is the color of my favorite pen,
I shook it up to sign his yearbook.
That did not end very well,
which is why we're covered in ink now.

Those are the colors
that bring us together.
That make the two of us one.
That holds our friendship together,
and makes everything so much fun.

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Britney15 said...
Jun. 29, 2010 at 12:39 pm
Awwwww i love this it's very colorful literally and as i read it i was so happy because i think this poem is just fun
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