Lollipops and Sunshine

May 29, 2010
By AliyaS BRONZE, San Benito, Texas
AliyaS BRONZE, San Benito, Texas
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The day is hot and the sun is shining
Shining brightly over our curly topped heads
Happy, happy smiles and lovely lovely laughs
Are what the outsiders all see

What we see?
Far more.

For in the sparkles of your eyes
I see hope
I see a girl with dreams
I see a soul ready to fly
A heart ready to love

And in the happiness of your laugh
I hear music
I hear a little girl who thinks she knows it all
I hear a singing bird ready to travel the world
A heart that beats for change

The day is hot and the sun is shining
Three little girls playing and laughing
Three little girls with pigtails as sweet as lollipops
All dressed in green and blue
With skies full of hope, minds full of dreams
Three little girls, with the sun shining above

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