Look in the Mirror

May 29, 2010
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Look in the mirror. I dare you. But do not just see your face. See you. See your thoughts, hopes, dreams, and fears. Now close your eyes. Force yourself to remember. Remember how much you loved those swings at the park. Back and forth, feeling like you could fly. Just for a moment lose yourself in the perfect details of your favorite things. Open your eyes. You notice a little smile frozen at the corner of your lips. Your eyes are doors into your soul. But only you can unlock it. Stare into those irises. Tiny globes of wonder and mystery. But you cannot shield everything from the world. A smile can lie but the eyes will never deceive. Depression, lust, anger are framed within those eyes. Look into the mirror. I dare you. Search for the things you tried to cover up from the world. Force yourself to remember. Remember how much you hated when your parents fought. Remember running to your room and having no one to console you. Look in the mirror again. Your face has changed. Instead of a smile there is a frown and a single tear rolling down your face. This is not how we like to show the world to ourselves. But the problem is, is that we are not perfect. We can put up those shields and act tough. But there are still scars. You can these handle scars because you are strong, tough yet gentle and kind. You are a woman. Look in the mirror. I dare you

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