May 29, 2010
I can’t take this anymore
Heart gonna explode
Tired. Don’t want to do anything
Everything is spinning too fast
I can’t even function
Smear ink everywhere
I hate myself
Need to get out
Guilt. Sadness. Loss of interest. Joy.
Need to run away
And I know this will never go away
Too loud. Too much. Overwhelmed.
Life goes by in slow motion
Everyone’s looking at me
Too slow. Too long. Too much.
Freaking out, losing my mind
Drowning. Life flashes before eyes
Thoughts racing
Brown eyes that don’t sparkle anymore
Shaking harder, faster
Can’t do anything. Zero motivation
Spinning, spinning, spinning
Supposed to be studying. Ha. Not gonna happen.
Restless, can’t sit still
Wish this would all go away
Think I may explode
I should go away
Too fast, Too fast, Too fast.
This stupid ocean is eating me
Need to create, make something
Wish no one knew

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