Side effects of love addiction

May 29, 2010
By Anonymous

i am addicted to your love
I cannot live without you
I'll always be there when push comes to shove
My muscles ache like a case of the flue

My chest sinks in like quicksand
My head hangs low like the branch of a ripe apple tree
I'm drowning, miles away from dry land
Im stuck in the jaws of a shark, with no way to flee

Im sitting in the desert, breathing in despair
My skin burns with the rays of the sun
The hallucinations strengthen i can almost smell your hair
You're out of my reach, as fast as i run

I can't feel my heartbeat
My skins sickly white
My body is numb from my head to my feet
When i close my eyes i can see the light

Theres nothing in my brain
The slate's been wiped clean
All i know is you and pain
I don't know what anything means

Look at what you've done to me
I'm breaking down and falling apart
I'm begging you on bended knee
Snap my neck don't break my heart

I am addicted to your love
Without it i'd rather be dead
I know you were sent from heaven above
Move on and forget the life i led

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