A Vacant Dawn

May 29, 2010
By rileyalyssa BRONZE, La Jolla, California
rileyalyssa BRONZE, La Jolla, California
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These hours are taken
By the restless and wild
In view of the night
And surroundings irrelevant

Speeding tires quicken
Skimming the surface of rainbow lit streets
Blinded by watery glass and smoky filled boxes

Black straps grace along ivory shoulders
Legs intertwined in forever backseats
Devilish reality is alluring in scent

Flashes and words
Exchanged in a breath
And wind tunnel moments
Turn black holes for days

In the midst of absolute
Fighting for dreams
Heads spinning faster
Take hold their defense

The night is forever
Again and again
Faster each moment
It’s time to pretend

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