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I’ve had quite enough of
Your moral absolutes
Always yin, yang, white, black
As if your coat of paint
Was ever consistent
I wish you’d watch your words
Eat themselves and then you
Acid enough to wilt gold

Each shadow on my face
Is a sin in your eyes
I swear they’re puckered shut
Tight-lipped as your heartstrings
I’ve seen enough to know
That coffins do not judge
That death just distracts you
From all that matters most

I hope you realize you
Can’t un-become yourself
You’re as chained as any
Try your own jeers for size
There’s a line between a
Social comment and a
Self-ignorant sneeze, so
Cover your mouth to speak

Me, I’m color-blind to
Justice and all that crap
There’s more to the world than
Being history’s pet
You should make history
Instead of letting it
Make you; I rest my case
So just get on with it

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JustAlice. said...
Aug. 16, 2010 at 7:14 pm
i cant say i agree, but one day ill read your words along side millions. you have a talent. 
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