May 28, 2010
By Invisibleink BRONZE, Ulaanbaatar, Other
Invisibleink BRONZE, Ulaanbaatar, Other
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You look at me and you see
The Gifted Able,
The Talented Musician,
The Passionate Dancer,
The Young Adult,
The Responsible Student,
The Poet, The Writer.

You look at my future and you see
The Future Politician,
The Next Lloyd Webber,
The Youngest Pulitzer Winner,
The Founder of a Society,
The Voice of Change
The Model Citizen

I look at me and I see
The Scarred Heartless,
The Masked Wanderer,
The Predestined Failure,
The Fearful Cripple,
The One just like all the Others,
The Mute Tortured.

I look at my future and I see
Absolutely Nothing.

So who is right?

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on Mar. 23 2013 at 3:44 am
Cutey-Beauty SILVER, Ulaanbaator, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Soli Deo Gloria.

Unless you heal yourself first, your prediction will in some ways be more true than other peoples expectations of you. Right now, you might not feel like you can do or will do anything. But that will change once you find your purpose, your reason for living. Dare to dream. I support you.

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