if you cant see her than she isn't real anymore

May 28, 2010
By andy5 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
andy5 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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i look for you
you stand by me
i search and search for you
yet i cannot see you
you sit stile next to me
why can i not find you
beautiful as you were that night
why can i not see you
dressed in slacks and a overcoat
why do you disappear from my site
such beautiful silk your body was lasted in
you are invisible to me
smooth dancing at perfect rhythm
sneakers hide your dancing feet
wonderful curls droop along your back
lanky straight hair hides your beautiful face
why are you hiding from me
come out
beautiful wonderful you
dance and sing with me
i have fallen
for you
were are you
my mysteries Cinderella

The author's comments:
i was watching another cinderella story

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