A Bed

May 28, 2010
By poemqueen95 BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
poemqueen95 BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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A bed is a place I go,
To think, to dream, to sleep.
A bed is a place I go,
To cry myself to sleep at night,
When my world is upside down.

A bed is a place I sit,
To think about books, poems, life.
A bed is a place I lay,
To think about the past, present, future.
What I want to do with my life.

A bed is a place I dream,
Dream about life and what it could be.
Dream about friends and family,
About anything really,
I just dream about anything.

A bed is a place I sleep,
When I sleep I dream,
About good things, about bad things.
Sometime I can’t remember,
What I dream about.

A bed is a wonderful place,
A place to sleep, to dream, to think.

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