May 28, 2010
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The cool night air comes wafting in like ripples from dew drops,
As I gaze upon my walls he calmly enters the room,
He walks in slowly, silently with his head held low as if not wanting to do what’s next,
His cold, clammy fingers reach out towards my soul and I struggle to find my last breath,
My hand fly’s to my throat and I tell myself “in, out. In, out.”
As he approaches my respiratory system has no use,
I suddenly feel lighter as I now see my body and sullenly knowing what this means,
I no longer belong to earth for I am under his command,
Now the second leg of my journey is nearly complete,
I am now headed to his deep, dark kingdom,
This part is hardest and longest because I have to go with him and live forever in his country of darkness,
He takes my hand like a lover and guides me away from my once modest home,
I feel a certain sadness as I watch my body like a movie and a longing… a longing to just wake up from this horrible nightmare and wish it all away, but the stench HE left behind cannot be ignored, it smells to me like rotting fish but I assume it is different for each leaving soul,
Now I take on this… this horrendous place in his awful palace,
For by now I am here and I see him with his mighty sickle and his cloaked form turn to leave...

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4everheartbroken said...
Sept. 4, 2010 at 2:56 pm
I actually submitted this to my teacher durring the peotry unit and got a perfect on it!(:
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