The Champion

May 28, 2010
By Kane94 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Kane94 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country."

He was their Champion. He had loved, protected, and fought for his people so that they might live in an eternal peace forevermore.

They were his everything, all he needed and all he had. He required no kin for he had his faction, his disciples, his everything.

And the people, they were never afraid of those who sought to destroy them. The Champion was invincible, nothing could harm him-physically or mentally. He was unmovable, he was great, and he was The Champion.

And this zealot would stop at nothing to ensure his people peace. The Champion would endure an endless onslaught of war to maintain the tranquility of his nation.

Years passed, and the Champion had begun to feel that he had exhausted all he could give his people. This is where the Champion would explore, search and scavenge for new power. Power that was great and seductive, but forbidden and sinful.

The Champion used these abilities hoping they would help the men, women and children who adored him. For a while, it worked and their peace was enhanced. All seemed well, all seemed right.

But within this search, this desire, this undeniable lust for greatness, the unthinkable, yet the looming and imminent had happened. The Champion, the hallowed, the righteous, the devout had become corrupted and he then fell into the boundless void of evil.

His actions and motives were dedicated to bloodshed. He burned down all he had spent so long building and keeping. Destroyed all of which he cherished. He struck them down. His people, his followers, his disciples. Their screams, their pleas to lives, they all made him laugh and fuel his genocide. He laid waste to it all. Everyone-everything.

But although he put all he had ever loved into ruin. The Champion kept his smile upon his face. He kept his confident disposition. He kept his throne and his now worthless wars and he kept on his search for new means of protection for his people.

Because, in his own mind, his twisted, insane, power tainted mind The Champion, the hallowed, the righteous, the devout believed all he did he did for his people so that one day, they all might live in an eternal peace forevermore.

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