When Love Fails

May 28, 2010
I would’ve done anything for you
but you tossed me away
I loved you
I wanted you in my life
but you threw me away
All I ever wanted was acceptance from you
you were the only one I ever cared about
It was always you
but you’re too caught up in yourself to care
about anyone else
and you know how this tears me up
I love you
I still do
I’ll never ever get rid of you
but you want me out
and it kills me so
I’m not the stupid football you throw
if I was out in the rain
you’d leave me
if I were on my deathbed
you’d laugh
you wouldn’t even go to my funeral
even though it’d be your fault I’d fallen
I love you
I need you
but I’m nothing to you
and I’ll never be
I never was
I thought you cared
Maybe it was just a crush
but that’s impossible
I care about you
I love you
this isn’t stupid
It’s never been
you may call me ugly
not your type
but don’t push me away
I just want to be able
to stand in your light
you’re my everything
and I love you
CML, I love you
I’ll always love you

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