55 fiction

May 27, 2010
By Anonymous

High School
She’s too quiet, he’s too cocky. There are other fish in the sea. My reputation is on the line. She can’t be the only one for me, he’s super cute, though. True love doesn’t happen in high school. Four years after high school, she is my beautiful bride, he is the best husband.

My friends are always shopping and seeing movies. I am always working and cleaning. My friends have sit down family dinners every night. I eat by myself, if there is something to eat.
New clothes, new purses, and new shoes are popping up everywhere I look. For me, holes and dirt are the reality.

“Can I buy this bouquet of flowers as the centerpiece for the table?” she asked to her dad.“No, it’s ridiculously expensive and we can’t waste our money,” her dad said. Mom would have let me buy flowers. She thought they were so beautiful, she thought to herself. “Let her pick some flowers, honey.”

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