May 27, 2010
A sudden claustrphobia.
Creeps up on me.
A chocked voice, and a broken sob;
Emit form my mouth,
As I run out of the room
With screams trapped in my throat
Clawing at my neck, heart pounding
Blood rushes to my face.
As I slide
Down the side of the bathroom wall
And hug my knees to my chest
Shaking, choking, sobbing
Panic is my adraniline.
Panic is in my blood.
Light headed.
Heavy legged.
Trapped in a body,
That I can’t get away from.
Trapped in my mind,
A place that even I don’t know.
Minutes later
I walk out.
Seemingly fine, the only
sign is the red
blood in my eyes, and the trembling
of my hands.

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