Cut Ties

May 26, 2010
By ebeths BRONZE, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
ebeths BRONZE, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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We knew it was over
Long before it ended.
We knew why I didn’t call,
Why he didn’t text.

We knew that a kiss wasn’t exciting.
We knew my skin didn’t burn
When he grazed it with his hand.

We knew today was the day
Sitting in the park,
Not talking,
Not looking.

To observers, we were strangers
Thrown together by chance
And too uncomfortable to notice the other.

They didn’t know that we’d exchanged love,
Had our own place
And we’d been looking for a ring.

I tilted my head back and sighed,
I felt the sun hit my face
And run down my body.

I pretended it could solve our problems.
That all we’d been missing
Was the sun.

“You know” I started.
He just nodded, he knew,
And put his hand on my leg.


“Yup” he kept nodding,
“Sorry” I shrugged.

He took his hand off my leg
And stood up slowly,
Like he’d aged with a few words.

He walked away,
Blending into the masses
And becoming just another person.

Again I focused on the sun hitting my head
And running down my body
To warm the spot
He’d just been touching.

The author's comments:
This was an assignment for class and the topic was "cutting" so instead of the traditional way of thinking of it, I chose a more creative approach

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