May 26, 2010
By Mandy627 BRONZE, San Jose, California
Mandy627 BRONZE, San Jose, California
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Being born best friends
Like two peas in a pod
Always together, always having fun
Laughing, talking, sometimes dancing
Spending Fridays up all night
So much in common it didn’t seem possible
More like sisters than friends
Our birthdays were our favorite time of year
I’d go to hers, she’d go to mine

Then one year, she couldn’t make it
Without her celebrating my birthday wasn’t the same
Two months later hers came, I received no invitation
We began spending less time together
Hangouts grew more and more awkward
How could someone who was so close, drift so far away?
Her personality changed, while mine stayed the same
The only evidence remaining of our friendship are our memories
Who knows if she even remembers me today

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