May 26, 2010
By blob2121 GOLD, Cockeysville, Maryland
blob2121 GOLD, Cockeysville, Maryland
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I know of only one duty, and that is to love.

Only pieces, fragments, distortions.
They writhe and strain to enter,
Distorted ambassadors to the actualities.

One contorts the vision to glimpse what these hints hold.

It is fruitless.

Forever locked in,
Looking through key holes that have no keys.

Infinite freedom within,
Yet only desiring to be without.

This is I, you, them.
This is separation.
This is the distortion that is connectivity.

This is humanity's brilliant individuality?

This is a perverted casuistry, only seeking to subdue the restless.

Yes, drop your gazes,
Hide your visages,
Avert your eyes and prepare your deceitful tongues

You cannot hide from yourselves,
You cannot lie to yourselves,
No matter how many layers you create,
You will never smother yourselves.

You revel in the truth,
So then revel in your restraints
Revel in your bondage
In your chains, your ropes, your shackles and your fetters.

Revel in your utterly absolute selves!

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