The Exodus of Intention

May 26, 2010
By blob2121 GOLD, Cockeysville, Maryland
blob2121 GOLD, Cockeysville, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
I know of only one duty, and that is to love.

The intention of morality,
Of spontaneity,
Of virtue,
Of magnanimity.

Watching what is to become,
Looking at what should be,
Wishing for all to be undone.

waiting until the shell fades.
Waiting until the burden is loosed.
Waiting until the eyes unglaze.

Can this be what is?
Can the remanence be the actuality?
Is all that is striven for ignorant bliss?

Yes, a backwards glance only promotes fallacy.
No, do not haphazardly connect, remanence is erased by the moment.
NO!Keep moving and let will overtake improbability.

Always actualize contingency,
Never yield to complacency,
Uncover validity.

No longer ride,
Begin to drive.
Yes uncertainty is certain,
But for the new one must strive.

Search out the depths,
Trek away from what is told,
Begin to make new paths.

Ascend enough to escape the musty air of regret,
Descend enough to not have to forget.

Forge self from discovery,
Allow for the water not to be restrained by the cup.
Early categorization will force being to flee.

The old and new will no longer oppose,
No longer stand in unnecessary duality.
Finally the time has come to compose.

Now shed burdens,
Now take up will,
Now destroy the hindrances,
Now efface the walls that guide.
Now walk,
Now go,
Now climb,
Now rise.
Now stop,
Now realize,
Now be.

No more intentions,
No absences,
No more misconfigurations.

Not a change for better or worse,
Not an archetypal journey.
Not a lifting of man's eternal curse.

Only reality,
A unification of what was, what is, and what will be.
Only the peace of inevitability and the tempest of passion.

And with passion find compassion,
For being will understand the notion of others.
And now outside of self
Observe self-actualizing action.

And so being continues

Now rest,
Live outside of self,
Carry on in others,
Now time did self best.

And thus do start and finish wane
Thus do beginning and end depart just as they came.
Thus does existence reign.

Yes, existence


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