What I've Learned From Love

May 26, 2010
By blob2121 GOLD, Cockeysville, Maryland
blob2121 GOLD, Cockeysville, Maryland
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I know of only one duty, and that is to love.

I've learned that romantic love is not based on attachment, but a genuine interest in another outside of oneself.

I've learned that superficial conversation is not pointless, but a way to show someone that you are not talking to them because you really care about how many jellybeans are in a jar, but because you enjoy their company and don't want any silence to let it slip away.

I've learned that some things in life are fleeting, and others enduring, but there are some that could go either way depending on our actions and mindsets, and it is these that we must pay the most attention to and shape to our will.

I've learned that novelty is beautiful, but temporary. When novelty runs out we are forced to leave and seek something new or find something more than the temporary.

I've learned that finding something more than temporary is worth it.

I've learned that fear of commitment only leaves one committed to fear.

I've learned the the joy and pain of a moment as it passes.

I've learned that who we have is more important than what we have.

I've learned that its much better to have someone to help you up, even if they occasionally trip you up.

I've learned that eskimos are geniuses.

I've learned that the right intentions should come first, but that they are nothing without actualization.

I've learned that love is something that takes different forms, but its conceptual core can be transferred to any subject or situation.

I've learned that wonder and awe are never far. We only lose them when we stop seeing the reality in front of our faces.

I've learned that preparing for the future is great, but the present moment was once a future and I'd hate to let it slip by after preparing so much for it.

I've learned that ignorance allows to appreciate what we know. That the things that are impossible to understand frustrate us so much, but allow us to cherish what do and can understand.

I've learned not to worship moments of passion, but to never let one slip from my grasp. That moments of passion should not drive you, but you them.

I've learned that love does make us do remarkably reasonable things. It is those without it that are crazy.

I've learned that the apple of my eye is also the apple of a beautiful orchard.

I've learned that the infinity in the speck is a lot more fun than the speck in infinity.

I've learned that one should not act out of fear of a missed opportunity.

I've learned that to live one must stop wanting to live.

I've learned to live life dangerously, figuratively speaking of course.

I've learned that, often, to forgive is to forget, but that it doesn't work the other way around.

I've learned that being there is enough.

I've learned that the road to a friend's house is never long.

I've learned that we need to stop seeking and start finding.

I've learned that we all have a special something, something more than a quirk that makes us an individual, but that seems to stem from the universal.

I've learned that no matter how long time seems to flow, some things never change.

I've learned that we can be healed by more than medicine.

I've learned that the butterflies in our stomachs have a very long lifespan.

I've learned that uneven breath, closed eyes and wobbly legs are perfectly normal responses to phone rings.

I've learned that other people out there have a heart just like mine. It beats, it skips, it wells, it breaks, it races, it sinks, it rises and it always waits to be held.

I've learned that sometimes we feel like crying not because we are happy or sad, but because...... well..... well I'm not quite sure.

I've learned that the world knows the lesson of love, but it's a little forgetful.

I've learned that we should never refuse to reteach what was forgotten.

I've learned that anger is the default expression of those who are afraid to feel.

I've learned that time is probably a jerk who flies and drags just to spite us. (maybe there is a lesson in there but I'll be angry instead).

I've learned that there is always a choice.

I've learned that finding comfortable positions is an art form.

I've learned that no matter our definition of beauty we are sure it exists, and maybe that is what really matters.

I've learned that we can give up ego in exchange for EVERYTHING.

I've learned that regretting stops us from doing the things we won't regret.

I've learned that I've written about what is worth being read and its time to go do what is worth being written about.

The author's comments:
Some aphorisms inspired by one beautiful person.

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