Bill the Blue Blowfish

May 26, 2010
By lhumphrey BRONZE, Bay Village, Ohio
lhumphrey BRONZE, Bay Village, Ohio
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There was once a blue blowfish named Bill.
Bill had seven stripes and purple gill.
Bill had two friends named Shelly and Phil.
Phil had lavendar polka dots and a lime green gill.

Phil was a sneaky sly eel.
He tricked Shelly into thinking his color was real,
when he really just borrowed it from Ed the seal.
Phil had duped Ed into making a deal.

Ed got a letter from Bill.
Bill knew all about the trade with Phil.
So then Ed was ashamed of his gill
but tried to get his color back still.

So Ed went to get his color back.
He pleaded will Phil til the night turned black.
Phil finally agreed to give up the slack
and gave Ed his color back.
When Shelly found out she gave Ed a smack.

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