Hoodwink Butterflies

May 26, 2010
By oceania765 BRONZE, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
oceania765 BRONZE, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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I can feel the fresh air rush through my lungs
As I chased you through the prairie
You ran through the field of tall grasses
As your hair flew like dandelions
And your ears became visible from down under
I will continue to chase you
Just hoping that you won’t trip and fall
The ladybug I have been searching for
Is now present on a steady leaf
Please continue to run, girl
Because the lady is singing
Her lullaby flows into the air
But our desires are conflicted
And the skies turn grey again
And rain begins to cry away
With the clouds being an accompaniment
Because you stumbled to the ground
Scraping your knees
Leaving me there standing, staring
Nowhere to go, yet a gravel road lies ahead
You wouldn’t run forever, girl
Only being a temporary comfort
To my distorted problems
And like a machine
You would rust and soon break down
My reality was only an isolated dream
And the butterflies will never hum over this land again

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