Fading Fantasy

May 26, 2010
By Deucedog BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Deucedog BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
You should believe in something because common sense tells you not to.

She is hidden
Behind something
We are too
To understand
She is special
She is a liar
She is a fake
She is the fantasy.

I have the ability to
Walk through halls
Try to be amazing
Won't be seen

I am the door
Behind the screen
The window
Behind the drapes

If someone only knew me
I'd be transparent
See through
They'd know everything
About me

Wouldn't have gotten that
Cheerleader pregnant

Wouldn't have made that
Jock apologize to her

Wouldn't have made that
Nerd cry

Wouldn't have landed that
Bully in the office

They don't have simplicity
I do

They don't want it
They should

It could save their
Someday even if
It doesn't seem
That way.

Everything hurts my heart
And I don't know what
To do with it

Hearts are odd
We would die
Without them
Yet sometimes
They make us
Want death.

Deven, the guy
Xanthe used to like
Befor she moved on
To a better place,
Asked me out

But how could I say
I'm hidden
I don't go exposed
If I do
I could be seen
For what I
Really am.

But North, who was
Xanthe's best friend,
Toldme to say
Even though it would've
Hurt Xanthe

And so I said yes
I meet him
At the park
In an hour

I'm so nervous I'm

The author's comments:
Fantasy Piper is my favorite character from another one of my stories. I hope you enjoy.

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