Ursa Major Shines in Your Eyes

May 26, 2010
By MoonlitRoses BRONZE, Jasper, Alabama
MoonlitRoses BRONZE, Jasper, Alabama
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Words might disappear along the pages
and worlds might collide one last time
but your heartbeat is my soothing rain
and your voice the soundtrack I never tire of.

And maybe if these fingers could write symphonies
or this tongue sing of perfect tragedies
we could run off into the night to never return
until the moon and sun collided into an eclipse

stay up with me all night
we'll fight the break of dawn
and bring back the moon
so we can stay forever

Ursa major and ursa minor
both spread out above us
but neither shine so brightly
as to steal away our love

And I can still hear your voice
replaying in my mind tonight
for every spoken word's a fallen raindrop
beautifully tapping out another melody

we'll outlive Romeo and Juliet
and become the next immortal novel
but for the first time in the world's history
we won't be the ones who end in misery

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