Free Versing Loneliness

May 26, 2010
By -Quil SILVER, Deckerville, Michigan
-Quil SILVER, Deckerville, Michigan
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I feel so hollow...Tap me and the echo would go on forever...

The lapsing silence
Filling that void
Where once stood
A figure of loneliness

With a slipping soul
Means blurring existence
A fading life
Facing down lies

Silent tears
Releases the rains
A cracking heart
Lightning striking

Terrifying screams
Shattering the silence
Dripping life
Staining time’s fabric

Violent rips
Rippling steady stream
Of flowing events
Not making amends

Careless confessions
Dripping from tongues
To hang mid-air
Only sink into skin

No blockades
No watching guards
Truthful lies
Withholding true means

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