Dear World

May 26, 2010
By MidnightLove BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
MidnightLove BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
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Dear world why are you so mean?
You're people are cruel,
You're loosing your green.

Dear world why are you dirty?
You let people drop trash on you,
You let them pollute your air.

Dear world why are you so weak?
Fight back to those who drop trash,
Fight against the pollution!

Dear world you've grown very quiet,
Does no one live on you?
Have they Died from your toxic fumes?
Dear world I'm sorry

The author's comments:
People complain so much about how the world is becoming more polluted. Sure there are organizations to help but for every organization there are five more people out there droping trash. Don't complain about the world, do something to help.

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