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May 30, 2010
By twiggystardust BRONZE, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
twiggystardust BRONZE, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Total abstinence is so excellent a thing that it cannot be carried to too great an extent. In my passion for it, I even carry it so far as to abstain from abstinence itself."

Sartre obsessed mushroom heads...
they were the ones who sat up howling, acid in their eyes and sweat down their brows. I watched them grow like flowers from dirt, beneath laid animal bones, sacrifices to the gods that bring the rain, they were those I watched stumbling down the Champs-Elysees, lights reflected and mirror images on each of their faces, gaping mouths like open doors
wondering, wandering
oh, there is no God, and in this absence of mortal sins and forgiveness and resurrection we will fight and love and kill!
destroy beautiful things just to watch them break and bleed! we will draw our own maps of time and rip the fabric of the space-time continuum, cut the throats of the fates and braid those golden threads, weaving a tapestry of great human experience and experimentation
and ---- the thoughts of doubt, seeds of disbelief sown into you and I through years of pleated skirts and barbed wire. No more barred windows!
we will run free and wild like untamed horses, bite the necks of the innocent, bathe in the afternoon rain after the hunt, sleep like furious, growing, winding vines, overtaking all surroundings, swallowing this machine whole and spitting out the pearls.
We are still the dreamweavers, have you forgotten about us?
we, with furious fire eyes and silver lips and satin skin,
we! with words that cut deep like glass, we! who bleed with every longing shared by every being, every entity... we! the dreamweavers!
We're closer than you think, we sleep beside you when you toss and turn, when you scream demons visiting in the middle of the night, we sat beside you when you rode the train to New Mexico, we followed you up to mountaintops in a desert in California, we flew beside you thousands of feet above the Earth, we held you the first time your heart broke, we kissed your hands when you cut your wrists and let the blood drip to your fingertips, we know you and you know us.
We are in the words you've written and the pictures you've drawn
we're just the dreams you've dreamt and the songs you've sung
we've waited for years,
for explanations, for Godot,
we have met the parents of your parent's parents
and we know of the children your children's children will bear,
and to each face we bestow looks, kisses, exchanges of simple, genuine love,
We have written your life's story from the day you were born until the day your fingers cannot hold the pen anymore...
We aren't the ones to forget, we weave memories into fabric to wear like a coat, for warmth,
we string them up like pearls or gems, worn like a trophy upon your neck
(we've laid close there and kissed your collarbones as those beads have)
we have been your everlasting love, we've slept beside you and rushed through you in your blood, we've watched you breathe and your eyes flutter with REM sleep, we've been the breath that sustains you, we are the life that life gave you,
we! the dreamweavers!
we have been you, terrified before and dazed and amazed, screaming until our throats shred on rooftops in smog soaked cities,
we've fallen from twenty story windows with you,
we jumped with you from the burning towers,
we, like you, will never forget
but also are living reminders...
we loved you in the dark and the blazing white light. We've loved you lower, slower and
we're the diamond-demons you drag from mirrors into your mind
we're that sweet, soft smoke you inhale time to time,
we're the addiction, the craving
the yours, his, hers, and mine.

We're the ending, but as all other endings are, we're the beginning too.

we're the spark, the lock and key, the pen and paper.
We are the looking glass, the sky, the rabbit's hole.

Have we ever stopped? When did we begin? We began with the end, and with the beginning,
we cracked sidewalks and tore down the wall, built bridges to burn them down,
We are omnipresent.
We are the dreamweavers.

We whistled the Beatles down electric hallways dripping in red paint,
dragging our feet to the gymnasium to be put on display, we took you to the basement where we smoked joints and danced around the furnace
our heads thrown back in howls of laughter and joy and pain, our hair flying like lion's manes. We took you to that same place at the top of the world where the lions sleep, and there, we slept inside each other, all of us, together
dissecting and devouring the insides of our minds as though we were the spiders and the flies.

We fell with tyranny and rose from the ashes,
bright, winged, fearsome. we carried you on our backs to where the water was clear, we left you at that train station, we lost you in the supermarket beside the honeydew, we held your face in the cool silver moon bath of light on the rooftop of your birth
we collided with you in cars, in hallways, in lucid dreams.
We loved and lied and lost and found, wandered, wondered, fought, forgave, held, let go, missed, saw, left, returned, we lived together and died together,
we were born side by side on a conveyor belt but we have
grown to know to save ourselves
and question it all.

we crawled and walked and ran with you, we scraped our knees and stubbed our toes with you, we planted flowers and blew away wishing weeds with you, we learned to swim and drive and sleep and dream with you. we grew together though you may not recognize us now, we will always know you and every look that graces your porcelain face...
we have photographs and song lyrics and poetry and paintings, we could illustrate everything you have ever known, but did you know? you are a dreamweaver.
you know us as we know you. you've danced in vacant fields with us, howled for the Cheshire cat moon with us, warmed your hands by the fire with us, screamed and cried and trembled with us, we held your hair back and you ours,

we ended the war and changed the world and we did it together and we'll do it again, we will never stop. there were generations of us before and there will be more of us to come, the entire world will sing these songs and know these words, we will dream together and be each of each other's dreams, we will always care, we are the advocates, we speak for those who cannot be heard, we dismantled the bombs and planted the trees and cared for each other, we will all be a part of the same family and we will always believe
we are the dreamweavers

The author's comments:
when i die pin me up against the sky

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