The Fingers Of Fire, The Desperation Of Love.

May 29, 2010
By DavidI BRONZE, Austin, Texas
DavidI BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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The fingers of fire, they dance quietly in the empty air around us.

The gentle sounds of the soothing crackling and popping of the ember shooting out of the gentle flames.

The warmth that radiates from the flames melts out hearts together.

Together we feel the warm touch of love for the first time.

We have both felt the dark side, the unforgiving side of this fire before,the eternal singe of this uncontrollable and we were both mortally wounded, but our love miraculously survived, bruised but not broken.

But we were also healed by these flames with compassion that surpasses all understanding.

We emerge from this kennel,completely new beings and more noticeably stronger and smarter than we were ages ago.

Now that we are together nothing matters, not one person, not one single thing.

This eternal flame that melted us together well never die; it will burn inside of us and never fade.

Just like how i would love you forever, my flame will burn eternally for you throughout all time.

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