The Day I Thought I Lost You

May 29, 2010
By Anonymous

New years eve, you were out with a friend
Maybe she’s not too bad, but I never could love her
I knew, but didn’t care
That she was important to you.
So anyway, It was really late, and I was home alone
(because you’re the only person I really hang out with in the end)
and I got this feeling
sick, right in the pit of my stomach
where I held the things I didn’t want to look at or listen to.
And I thought to myself: what if something should happen to you?
In the car, where I knew the boy driving
Was drunk (and that’s not safe.)
And I was trying to believe it would be okay but I couldn’t.
That’s when I learned
That I need you.

The author's comments:
It's a true story of when my best friend was out doing things very out of character. One of the worst nights of my life, and I never even told her how I felt that night.

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