May 29, 2010
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You were something, i discovered,
that was new to me.
And each time that i tried to grasp onto you, my fingers would loosen their grip. Because deep down inside, i was afraid, to hold onto you. And i thought that if i let go now then i could escape much unwanted pain that i believed would come in the future. But each time i tried, your hands would reach out to mine, never letting go. And no matter how much i hurt you and pushed you away... you still stayed and waited. Knowing from your heart just when to approach me, and to heal me. And i knew that all my fears just for that moment, would disappear. So if there ever comes a time where you must go on without me or i must go on without you, then we shall not cry for long. Because we know that we can always find each other buried inside our hearts. Waiting to be rediscovered, again and again.

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