Shining Through

May 29, 2010
By Markopolo BRONZE, Londonderry, New Hampshire
Markopolo BRONZE, Londonderry, New Hampshire
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Dark eyeliner and mascara hide so much these days. They don't show what is really inside of you. Covering up feelings that need to burst may be the cause of those big, black circles under your eyes. Letting them know how you feel brings out the shininess in your eyes that glisten when you smile. A simple smile will bring out the best in your day. Don't let the shadows bring you in the dark, be the sunshine and shine through. Make your debut into the world, and let everybody know who you are and what you have to offer.

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on Jul. 3 2010 at 6:57 am
Chinadoll BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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I love this! The first sentance really caught my eye. I like to put on makeup, but it doesn't cover me up. Very true concept, and you put it in such a way that people can really relate. Good Job! Could you check out some of my writing if you like. Write on!



on Jun. 27 2010 at 8:32 pm
Maniacwriter SILVER, Haverhill, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"it is the way you treat the ones you have never met that define who you are as a person"


on Jun. 27 2010 at 7:45 pm
crubs33 DIAMOND, Lido Beach, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud."- Coco Chanel
Life isn't about surviving the storm, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

Wow i love the first line!! its great and has so much emotion and truth!! if you could please comment and rate my work that would be great!! thanks and great work!!!

on Jun. 27 2010 at 11:46 am
thewriteidea DIAMOND, Pleasanton, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't cry that it's over, smile because it has happened."

wow your first line really captured my attention: "dark eyeliner and mascara hide so much these days." because i wear make-up, it intrigued me and wanted to see more of your opinion. very great job on this! check out some of my work, too if you'd like. keep writing!  (:

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