[Never] Let Go

April 23, 2010
I thought you were different.
I heard your voice and was taken back,
back to the memories -
except all of it was replaced,
I was so lost in my tiny little space.

I can't recall anymore,
what you sounded like before,
but now I'm used to your sound,
the rhythm following me around,
the beat stubborn,
stuck in my head.

Can we listen to each other once more,
and go 'round and 'round
before we fall off this cloud and fall to the lonely ground?

It was a leisure,
now it's a chore,
but one I definitely enjoy,
one I'll never get paid for,
but still deserve.

And what about the other side of the phone,
like me,
did it remind you of home?
You stayed,
but I'm gone and you're just a reminder,

I'm only what you remember.

You're what I can hold on to,
I don't want to let go,
if I did,
would you hurt?
Would it matter to us?
We realize,
is that what we're scared of?

we have to let go.

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