What It Will Be Like

April 23, 2010
What will it be like?
Will we be awkward,
will she take away,
play monkey in the middle,
when we don't like these games?

When we see each other,
will it be like I never left,
like you knew me more than you ever did,
welcome me with your smile and act like a little kid?

Will you tease me like it's no harm,
do you know how much I feel,
a feeling I don't know,
do you too, smile at a harmless email?

When you see me,
will you hug me much,
will you smile and remember,
be my best friend now,
just like all those times we had together?

Will I be able to feel comfortable
with someone I only remember?
And to think now,
I know you 9 years later.

When we see each other,
will we be scared,
will we be true,
will it be like I never left you?

I can only imagine what it will be like.

What do you imagine it to be like?

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