Don't Forget To Write

April 23, 2010
Hundreds of miles away
You are now hundreds of miles away
234.58 miles to be exact
That means I’m 234.58 miles away from you
Your smile
And your laugh
234.58 miles away
From your hugs
And your loving words
Telling me everything is going to be okay
234.58 miles away
From your jokes that aren’t even funny
But make me laugh anyway
234.58 miles away
From the boy who has seen me
At my best
And at my worst
And still came out alive
And had the nerve to show up at my house the next day
With roses in one hand and chocolates in the other
234.58 miles away
From the boy whose shirt I stained
With my tears
When boys broke my heart
And he just sat there as I sobbed in his arms
234.58 miles away
From the only boy in my life
That I could count on for anything and everything
And he still managed to surprise me
When he showed me how much he cares
On a daily basis
234.58 miles away
From the boy who knows all my secrets
And will take them to his grave
234.58 miles away
From the guy I’ve come to love
More than he could ever comprehend
234.58 miles away
From my best friend
Who has taken my heart
And still remains
My best friend
234.58 miles away
From you

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stephan said...
Jul. 17, 2011 at 1:31 pm
amazing!! i loved it....
siddy09 said...
Aug. 20, 2010 at 1:07 am
IDK how many times i hve read this but i still love it  almost as much as i love you <333
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