April 23, 2010
By Trent Pedersen BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
Trent Pedersen BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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Bombs light up the night sky
Wind whips me in the face
I’m not sure if I’m ready
Oh well, here goes
I leap into the darkness

I can see the whole of Normandy
Literally a birds-eye view
I tightly grip my rifle
Prepare for impact
Drifting to the ground
Landing just as I was taught
In boot camp, not breaking my legs

I detach my chute
My unit is nowhere in sight
I’m all by myself
Time to start searching
No krauts in sight either

What was that noise?
I point my rifle into the brush
“Thunder!” I hear
“Flash!” I reply
A member of my unit
I’m not alone anymore

We walk towards noise to the north
Krauts everywhere
No chance for survival
A bullet skims my arm
A slug in the chest

Comrade is dead
My vision starts to blur
What’s this, a tank?
A tank from my unit
My savior

I try to fight it,
But it’s inevitable
Death consumes me
Everything goes black
My eternal sleep has begun

The author's comments:
This piece is about a Airborne Paratrooper who is landing in Normandy on D-Day. This poem is very special to me.

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