I wish....

April 23, 2010
By Anonymous

I wish you knew how I feel.
I wish you knew what I think.
I wish you knew that you’re the only one that can brighten my day.
I wish you knew that you were the one who made me happy but now your gone.
You’ve left.
Now I’m alone and depressed.
Now I lay awake at night reliving the past.
Thinking about all we ever talked about.
Thinking about everything we could have had.
My life isn’t in the future anymore.
It’s gone. It’s become a part of time. It just exists.
I don’t feel anything anymore. I’m numb.
I have no feelings anymore besides depression.
Just talking to you would brighten my world but you don’t talk to me.
Maybe living in a thunderstorm for the rest of my life wont be so bad?
I’ve survived this long but I’m wearing thin now.
I’ll try to survive but I’m not so sure I can anymore.
I’ve tried to move on but it’s almost impossible.
You’ve scared me to deep.
There’s a giant gash in my heart from you.
And it will never disappear.

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