Why must this happen to me?

April 23, 2010
By Anonymous

Why me? Why must I go through this?
Am I really a b****? Do I act like one?
Is this really my fault? What did I do to deserve this?
Will it ever go away?
Am I supposed to just let people walk over me and
hurt me and break me more than I already am?
I know I do a lot of wrong things but this one I don’t know what is it.
Yes I do hurt people but it’s not intentional.
I hide behind walls of pain that I have built.
My tears try not to escape my eyes but sometimes I can’t take it.
Every mean word said about me or against me is a bullet in my heart.
Everyday my wall grows bigger and bigger full of pain.
One day its going to come crashing down.
I’m going to fall and no one is going to be there to catch me.
Lord please take away all this pain I feel.
Let me go to a world with you where I can be happy and peaceful.
Please just let me escape from my misery, sorrow, and pain.

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