True Love

April 23, 2010
By volleyballchick PLATINUM, Amarillo, Texas
volleyballchick PLATINUM, Amarillo, Texas
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"You changed my world with just one smile, you took my heart with just one kiss."

What is true love?
Is it different
than all the other love
you give everybody else?
Is it special?
Everyone says
it is but
I don’t know if this is
They say it will last
can last that long.
I thought concrete
would last for a long time
but I was wrong.
There are now cracks
covering the once smooth pavement.
There are crevices
and pieces missing.
To me
concrete reminds me of hearts.
How we can break up
with someone we really like.
They’ve created
a crevice into our heart.
Then you think
you’ve fallen in love
with someone
and you believe
they are the one.
You give them pieces
of your heart
till they decide to turn away
and walk off.
Leaving you
with gaps missing.
All these things
can relate to the silver road
we walk on everyday.
The pavement
has gone
through rough times
and wonderful times.
Its been cried on
by the clouds.
Its been stomped on
by raging people.
It’s always been there for us
but we never realized
how great
it truly is.
Its there to help
make our journey easier
even though it goes
through everything.
Its seen true love
and I want to whisper to it
and ask what it is.
I want
to figure out
all the good
and the bad
that it has seen since it was born.
I want
to be able to know
that it will always be there for me no matter what.
I want
it to see me
when I find my perfect match.
True love
to me is being able to talk
about anything
and never getting bored.
It’s about
being happy
by just being with them.
It’s about
feeling complete
and like you belong all the time.

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