Guardian Angel

April 23, 2010
By volleyballchick PLATINUM, Amarillo, Texas
volleyballchick PLATINUM, Amarillo, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"You changed my world with just one smile, you took my heart with just one kiss."

I see you

even though you aren’t here.
I see you

every night in my dreams.
I long

for your touch,

for the sound of your voice,

for the safe embrace your arms hold.
I tell

my parents you aren’t gone
but they don’t believe me.


they don’t believe in angels

like I do.

you only show yourself

to me.

they are right and

it’s just my imagination.

But how could I imagine

something so real?
How can I feel

something so much

and think it’s made up?
I know this is real.
You are here.
I believe you

are guiding me on my journey.
You’re my guardian angel aren’t you?
You are

here to protect me and to keep me safe.
Thank you grandmother,

for being my angel.

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