Why me?

April 23, 2010
By volleyballchick PLATINUM, Amarillo, Texas
volleyballchick PLATINUM, Amarillo, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"You changed my world with just one smile, you took my heart with just one kiss."

am I the one to always blame?
have I done wrong this time?
It seems like
every little thing
I do isn’t right.
Why is that?
Am I
such a disgrace
you have to make me feel
like I am?
Am I
such a bad kid
that I have to be treated bad
to just learn that you don’t love me?

She’s your perfect kid.
You say
she’s the one who always gets in trouble
and that I’m lucky?
As if.

She gets
everything she wants.
She gets
your attention and your love.
I get these things too
but it doesn’t feel like it.

I’m a black hole filled
with nothing.
I don’t have a destiny.
Or maybe
you’re destroying it
with your hateful words.

If only
you could see what I see
and feel the emptiness
my heart feels.
It aches
to be loved,
to be cared for.

But of course
I already found out
that you’re not the one
to nourish it.

You’re here to break me.
To watch
me crumble beneath
your very fingers.

But I’m done.
I’m going
to move on.
Do what I have to.
You can’t
crush me anymore.
And you never will again.

Consider yourself lucky
that you’re losing me.
your world could be perfect
Or maybe
you will finally see
what you had
and lost.

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