What's the point

April 23, 2010
By Anonymous

I try so hard and i think
fianly i can do it
i can be the person that overcame
and i can see the finsih line
and a smile forms upon my face
and i sprint that last distance
but then, my feet are stuck in tar
and the air feels to heavy to breath
and i'm inches away but i'm held back
and tears fall from my eyes as
i reach out my hand
begging some to take it
and i get punched in the face
and kicked in the side
till i double over from trying
and i lay there and i cry beacuse
i can't go on i can't
cross the line
and i hurt so much
when teh world hurts me back
and i thought i coudl do it
i thought i could make them proud
but i can't, i'll neve be able to do it
i'm a failure, always have been
always will be
and i give up, whats the use
why do i pretend i can make it
i lay on the ground and i give up
because what's the point?

The author's comments:
Going through a time right now that feels like no matter what i do it's not good enough, i'll never make it to teh finsih line, i'm so tired of trying.

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