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April 23, 2010
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If I didn't say yes, I wouldn't have you
I'd be so alone and hurt, I don't know what I'd do
Sometimes I wonder, how it would have been
If I didn't say yes, I'd sure never grin
You've taught me to love, you've taught me to trust
If I didn't say yes, there wouldn't be us
Whenever I question, worry, or doubt,
I remember it's me you cannot live without
If I didn't say yes, my days would seem cold
I'd wonder how I'd even live to be old
But now, growing old with you seems a dream
I'd never wake up, so real may it seem
If I didn't say yes, when you asked me to try
I might've said yes to some other guy
He wouldn't have loved me, held me, or cared
Thinking back to that thought, I feel so scared
I'm so glad I said yes, you're perfect for me
If I didn't say yes, we both would need freed
Without all our pain, to love, kiss away
Eachother we'll have 'till our final days
If I didn't say yes, I'd be missing a half
But I'm glad I said yes, and followed this path

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