It .....

April 23, 2010
By Anonymous

You can see it in my eyes,
You know I’m in pain.
My eyes show hurt,
While my words say nothings wrong.
My dread overwhelms,
My thoughts taunt me.
So I paste a smile on my face,
I try to hide my fear.
As the pain gets worse,
The tears fall down.
I can’t take it anymore,
I hide in the hall.
I’m falling apart,
I push away the ones I love.
All trust is lost,
Everyone takes life for granted.
But if they felt what I feel inside;
They would cry,
They would push people away.
But no matter what they endure,
They will never know how I feel.
People will never feel my regret,
Or my guilt.
He laughs,
He denies what he did.
He will never get what he deserves,
He will never feel my hurt.
So in the end it’s all a lost battle

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