Old Spice

May 28, 2010
By Phil Eide BRONZE, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
Phil Eide BRONZE, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
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odd, old man looking at the menu,
probably the dollar menu- to spend as little as possible.
smells of my grandparents’ house,
wearing an old argyle sweater vest over a nice button down,
he hears all and smells all
because of his great big ears and nose,
takes off his glasses but the eyeglass holders suspend them in the air
and asks,
“Can I just have a water? I brought my lunch,
and I just want a quiet place to read.”

odd, old man sitting in the park,
with his jet black hair, slicked back,
heavy flannel coat,
bright red nose from the frigid weather,
dripping like a spigot that was just barely not turned off all the way,
talking to the few birds that are still around,
“Hey, when you guys leavin’ for Florida?”

odd, old man sipping coffee in Dunkin,
wearing baggy pajama pants and a heavy sweater,
the bright sun beaming in through the window,
reading his newspaper page by page,
looks up at me through his thick glasses and asks,
“What time is it, son?
I’ve got to get home for the Wheel of Fortune.”

I am one of them.
We all have our comfy clothes and our dressing down and looking lazy days.
Our coupons for $1 dollar games at Brunswick Zone

and Buy One pair Get One Free at Shoe Carnival.
Watch certain T.V. shows religiously and never miss the home team play either.
We leave out the yellow starbursts and jellybeans and jolly ranchers.
Cut out the nasty bruises on bananas

and cut off their butts too.
We are all similar.
In one way or another.
Watch time tick by like melting ice.

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