Part None

May 28, 2010
By Anonymous

Some decrepit structure leaned wearily under the wrath of
Some no-god on
Some professedly abandoned street.
What utter grayness
birthed by the friction of stones
on the dawn of life
Remained reflected in the uprising of industry in man’s
UNNATURAL habitat.
Sporadic eruptions of nature
(attributed to what spineless unbeing which encompasses inhumanity)
led to the constant vanishings and emergences of
minute irrationals.
Like some tribe
extinct ages ago
passersby danced beneath the cloudbursts,
accompanying them, the disintegrating knowledge of late.
Seldom would these members of the
Grace the perimeter of the allegedly diseased cages,
fearful of the toothless, though
Toothless themselves.
Unwarranted disdain in their eyes, for
the objects of their disgust were
the objects of their survival; these
architects and
laborers built the shelters of the
and without such demand, surely the supply would evaporate,
supplemented by
material Goods,
and then, life itself.
What revulsion they harbored only burdened them further and their children,
drowned before first breath.

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