I Blame Myself

May 28, 2010
By Anonymous

Key turns and my stomach breaks,
A dark shadow looms over, and throws me to the ground.
I breathe, my heart comes out of my mouth.
It's all red.
My eyes feel scorched and empty,
Cold, bring me back to life.
Heat races through my veins.
Pain is nice enough to pay a visit.
Across the floor,
Cold cold dirt.
I'm eating it too, no feelings of revulsion.
I'm all stretched out now.
My pieces aren't my own,
I'm a big distorted painting now, my features horrifying.
My hands flash wildly in front of my eyes.
Before my eyes close one more time,
I look up at my tormentor's face,
And scream as I see my own.

I feel like I'm abandoning you.
What can I do now?

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