Great Memories

May 28, 2010
By Alex Hall BRONZE, Hartford, Wisconsin
Alex Hall BRONZE, Hartford, Wisconsin
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They say it is better to have loved and loss than to never have loved at all
I must say that they do have some sense when they say this
The experience is like nothing else in the world
To be completely infatuated with another human being and the reciprocal is something in and
of itself, almost indescribable if you will.
If you have not experienced this emotion that maybe we make up or maybe is real, than you
Literally don’t know what you are missing. Life is not complete without another to share it with
So, this brings us to the topic of discussion…better to have loved and lost then never at all
The pain that one feels after the ties are severed is borderline unbearable and yet at the same
Time worth the pain.
However, the torment of watching the person that once loved you move on before you is
The worst feeling of all. It makes one feel dejected, worthless, and most of all empty.
If the happiness out weighs the after feeling, then it is worth it right?
Think of it this way for a second its like manic-depressive disorder. They take the bad with the
Good because, the high is so much better than anything else.
So, if that is worth it for you, than by all means fall in love as often as possible. But, if the
Sorrow experienced after a break-up is too much to handle, I suggest taking it slower on the
Rebound, and that you pick your next “soul mate” much wiser than the first
Lesson learned, time will heal all wounds, or so they say at least.
But, who out there really knows if it is possible to completely get over someone, one’s first love
Is it even fathomable to think that it is plausible to erase those great memories just because
Of a little that was felt such a long time ago? Who knows…not me I’m too young right!

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