Hope Is...

May 28, 2010
Hope is the rack
Which I hang my dreams upon
Carefully placing
Each article of my future on

Inner Peace is the box
Which I place my anger in
Gingerly folding
My negativity into
Inner Peace

Courage is the closet
Which I put my fears in
Cautiously tucking
Them away from my

Confidence is the mirror
Which I reflect my inner beauty
Slowly raising
My self-esteem, helping my

Joy is the drawer
Which I assign to depression
Quickly closing
The drawer away from

Love is the bed
Which I put my loneliness to rest
Carefully covering
My emptiness with

Aspiration is the wall
Which I hang my successes on
Proudly displaying
All of my accomplishments on

Remembrance is the movie
Which I watch my past
Repeatedly reliving
Old memories from

Knowledge is the book
Which I read from
Perfectly remembering
Every word I read from

Family is the crutch
Which holds me up
Lovingly supporting
Me and my ideas are my

Friends are the funhouse mirror
Which reflects back a little of you
Slowly bringing
Out the best and worst in you are your

Virtues are the rules of life
Which help you stay on the right path
Wisely contemplating
The right thing to do are your

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